[ExI] Aging is excluded from WHO work program. Please react!

Ilia Stambler ilia.stambler at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 19:39:35 UTC 2017

Dear friends,

I wanted to bring to your attention an important and urgent issue for aging
care and research.

It turns out that in the forthcoming work program of the World Health
Organization (WHO) for the next 5 years – 2018-2023 – the issue of aging
and aging-related ill health is excluded completely! This means that,
within the next 5 years, according to this document, the World Health
Organization is not obliged to do anything to care for the health of older
persons or to improve their health, not to mention conduct any research and
development to create new therapies and technologies for improving the
health of the aged, or any kind of longevity research. The issues of aged
health are not in the WHO work program! This is the essence of ageism in
health care and health research!


Currently, the WHO conducts a public consultation about the draft Work
Program. Please use the link below to participate in the consultation!
Please explain to the World Health Organization that the issue of Aging is
important, and the care and improvement of health of the aged, also through
increasing biomedical R&D of aging, are important! The consultation fields
are easy to fill in, and even a couple of sentences, with your affiliation,
could help break the ageist wall! *The consultation takes place until
November 15*. Please also spread the word in your circles. Thank you for
your action!


In the words of Jane Barratt, Secretary General of the International
Federation on Ageing (IFA) that brings this issue to the highlight of
global public discussion: “We urge the WHO to rectify the glaring omission
of population ageing and older people in the draft 13th General Programme
of Work. It is a striking oversight that will diminish its credibility
among all of us. Make your voice heard bit.”


Ilia Stambler, PhD

On behalf of Vetek (Seniority) Association – the Senior Citizens Movement (


Longevity for All



Ilia Stambler, PhD

Outreach Coordinator. International Society on Aging and Disease - ISOAD

Chair. Israeli Longevity Alliance / CSO. Vetek (Seniority) Association –
The Senior Citizens Movement (Israel) *http://www.longevityisrael.org/

Coordinator. Longevity for All http://www.longevityforall.org

Author. Longevity History. *A History of Life-Extensionism in the Twentieth
Century *; *Longevity Promotion: Multidisciplinary Perspectives *

Email: ilia.stambler at gmail.com

Tel: 972-3-961-4296 / 0522-283-578

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Rishon Lezion. Israel
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