[ExI] Quantum Supremacy

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 14:47:00 UTC 2017

​For the first time a Quantum Computer has solved a problem that a
conventional computer ​can not, actually 2 different Quantum Computers did
and there is a paper from each team in the issue of the journal Nature that
came out yesterday:



They used their computers to simulate a quantum system, the particular
problem they solved is not very useful but the implications are enormous,
it proves once and for all that a practical quantum computer that you can
actually build can solve problems that a conventional computer can't.

If I place 20 magnetized atoms in a lattice and then move one of those
atoms how will the entire array move in response?  A good home computer
could solve that problem but the difficulty increases exponentially as the
number  of atoms increases, when you get to about 50 atoms even the largest
supercomputer on Earth starts to beg for mercy, but in the new reports one
quantum computer solved the 51 atom problem and the other solved 53. The
mechanical details of the 2 machines are different, one used very tightly
focused LASER beams and rubidium atoms and the other used electrically
charged ytterbium ions, but they both got the job done.

None of this is a threat to bitcoin....YET.  But the clock is ticking.

John K Clark
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