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On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 12:52 PM, William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com <mailto:foozler83 at gmail.com> > wrote:

​> ​>…After Bill K's response to a post and my comment, I posted something about people not looking for something rational, but something emotional they can get behind and support.




>…Steven Pinker points out in his new book that often people's erroneous ideas are not the result of ignorance but the desire to remain a loyal member of a tribe. There are certain hot button issues on things like gun control, taxes, abortion, global warming, drugs and healthcare that label you as a member of the liberal or the conservative tribe…


Ja.  Belief isn’t what it appears to be.  Examples are many, but since we were discussing church shriekers earlier, keep in mind that there are pleeeeeenty of people in churches for plenty of reasons other than they believe the subject matter of the shrieking.  The most obvious is that so many attractive and desirable women go there.  Single men can get cleaned up once a week, put on a nice suit, go look around for the non-shriekers, who are also there looking for the male non-shriekers.  Both groups recognize that this is a good place to find a partner most likely to successfully raise a family,  find one likely to still be there twenty years down the road, etc.


Before you laugh and toss that paradoxical comment, think it over and ask yourself what alternatives does our modern society offer?  If one is looking for stable family-oriented partner, he or she is unlikely to find that in the bar or night club, best not to look for it at work, and when you think about it, most clubs are mostly one gender or the other (Ja?  The Gun Club will be mostly men, the motorcycle touring club older married couples and single men, the knitting circle will be mostly women, etc.)  Churn all that around in your mind for a while, you end up with the best and most target-rich hunting grounds is… at church.


Please my flaming atheist single friends, where do you go?  What do you do?  Assume you aren’t a raging intellect, so the local MENSA meeting is out, and the geek meetings that you and I go for are mostly non-starters.  Assume average intellect, either gender, mainstream hetero looking for a life partner for raising children and, you know, the nice stable family like the one a lot of our grandparents had.  Where do you find that?


The heart has reasons that reason knows not.  Blaise Pascal



>…and "there is no evidence whatsoever that IQ is related to inheritance".    


​> ​>…No one responded.


​Imagine that.  Be careful with that one John.  It is explosive.


>…Maybe its just me but your post only showed up in my mailbox a few minutes ago, its dated April 11 but today is April 16…John K Clark


I got BillW’s first post and second one six minutes apart.  I was puzzled on why he commented that no one responded to his first post.


















We just can't ignore them.  There are too many of them and they won't go away, and they are a major political force - we have to deal with them and preaching to them about reason and science is not getting the job done.




bill w

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