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>>… (lots of standing up and shrieking something and then fainting).  It's not about what or how we think. It's about how we feel.


>…Clearly people want emotion, and there's nothing irrational about that. There's no need to be anti-rationality to be pro-emotionality. There are many examples of people who get excited about logic, math, science, etc. Spike is a shining example. :-)  -Dave



Dave, you are too kind, sir.


But it’s worse than that.  I have experienced more than mere excitement at some kinds of logic, math, science, etc.  It goes toward what might delicately be called arousal in some cases, even if the discovery was made by men, and even if the discoverer has long perished.  Examples are many, but I will mercifully spare you the details.


Somewhere in here I must insert a fun story about Aubrey de Grey.  We had a local event about 15 yrs ago with all the usual suspects.  I don’t even remember which one it was, but it might have been Eliezer’s Singularity Ahead summit he organized at Stanford.  Christine Petersen invited me to a reception afterwards at her house (Christine if you are lurking here, I do thank you a thousand times kind lady.)  Aubrey showed up, so I struggled to prevent myself from falling on the floor at his feet in humble adoration.  He plopped down on a couch next to the one I was sitting on already, and just sat quietly, didn’t even get food.  Of course people came, brought him stuff and chatted him up; nice guy, soft spoken, smart as a whip, British accent and all that.  Then… after about less than half an hour, he dozed off.  Right there sitting upright on the couch at Christine’s party, about 15 or 20 people there.  We figured it had been a hard flight over from Jolly Olde.  We let him sleep.  {8^D


I have a notion that mathematical arousal can occur even after more traditional mechanisms have faded because of natural decline in hormone levels and so forth.  We have such rich and abundant terminology that we currently use on copulation; it seems we can borrow some from that deep reservoir.  The terminology in this area needs work, but ExI might be an ideal forum for proposing such terms.  Postulate panting?  Equation arousal?  Theorem boner?  Calculust?







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