[ExI] Surveillance, crime, and revolutions

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Wed Apr 18 04:34:32 UTC 2018

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Subject: [ExI] Surveillance, crime, and revolutions

>...Anyway, technology is changing lots of things.  There are so many
cameras around that we invented a sort of time machine.

>...An increasing number of crimes are solved with security cameras...Keith

Is this a cool time to be living or what?

All the stuff we talked about here over the years is coming to pass, in
remarkable agreement with what we envisioned, the same things Julian Assange
posted here, the things Hal Finney and the other smart guys posted, they saw
it all.

Clearly we have entered an age of information warfare, and just as Hal and
the others suggested, we can't really tell who the adversaries are, but we
can only see the digital salvos being fired.

Governments are having a harder time hiding the kinds of activities they
have always done.  Corrupt organizations, corporations, political parties,
the seats of power are finding they must follow the rules or be exposed.

Oh life is good.


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