[ExI] ​What would ​Kim Jong-un​ do?​

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 22:43:10 UTC 2018

I ask myself if I were a moral monster but smarter than Donald Trump (as
almost everybody is) and dictator of North Korea what would I want and what
would I do?  Above all I'd want to continue my nuclear program, but I'd
also want to ease the economic sanctions and drive a wedge between the USA
and South Korea. So when I was told my nuclear testing site had collapsed
and was no longer usable I'd make a public announcement that in the
interest of peace I'm shutting it down. I'd meet with the South Korean
leader in a fancy ceremony before I met with Trump and be all smiles and
play the part of Mr. Reasonable to get everybody's hopes up. When a few
weeks later and I met with Trump I'd shower him with personal complements
telling him how smart he is and how rich he is and how big his hands are. I
would agree with everything he said and tell him how great it would be if
we come out of this closed door meeting and tell the world I had agreed to
immediately dismantle my nuclear program in return for a immediately
dismantling of the sanctions. I of course would have no intention of
dismantling my nuclear program, not ever, but it would make no difference
if 6 months from now the CIA tells Trump I've been cheating and my nuclear
program is stronger than ever because he will never admit he'd been conned
by me and his big diplomatic triumph was a illusion, especially if its
right before the midterm election. Instead he will just say the CIA reports
is fake news. So I've still got my nukes and there are no sanctions.

I would also have a plan B ready to go if the talks with Trump don't go
well. The cameras would catch me with a big friendly smile as I walked into
the closed door meeting with Trump and I'd walk out a few hours later in a
rage saying Trump had insulted me. I'd start rattling sabers louder than
ever and vow to blow up the world. This would really disappoint people in
both the USA and South Korea after everybody got their hopes up, and they
would all blame Donald Trump for the disaster. Plan A or plan B it makes no
difference, its a win win for me.

  John K Clark
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