[ExI] LIGO just announced 4 more Black Hole collisions

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Tue Dec 4 22:43:35 UTC 2018

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>>... I still don’t understand how there could be a coupla orders of 
> magnitude more collisions than I estimated.  Oh I blew that one.  I 
> soooo don’t understand the BB model now.  This is a good thing in 
> science to discover that oneself is stupid (or preferably just 
> ignorant (because ignorance has a cure (a pleasant one if one has the 
> right attitude.))))  spike

>...Psssst Spike - The Universe is really, REALLY big!   :)
These events are coming from way outside our galaxy.

Well, ja of course.  Had they been in our galaxy I woulda gone crazy by now trying to figure out how that could happen.


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