[ExI] LIGO just announced 4 more Black Hole collisions

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Subject: Re: [ExI] LIGO just announced 4 more Black Hole collisions


Correction: The Black Hole merger LIGO detected on July 29 2017 was 9 billion light years away not 6 as I said. A 51 and 34 solar mass Black hole collided resulting in a 80 solar mass Black hole with 5 solar masses converted into the energy in the form of Gravitational Waves. 


John K Clark




These results feel so incompatible with the inflation model.


Seldom do I get to really enjoy feeling stupid.  Usually it is most unpleasant.  This is one of the times when I like the heck out of having missed this by so much.  Now we get to learn neeeeewww stuuuuuff.




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