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> OK, John, I'll call your bluff - I don't have any data,though I suppose I
> could get some, but do you?  Most children wind up in the same religion and
> so forth?

All you need to do is glace at this color coded map of the world's

World's religions map

If children did not usually have the same religion as their parents this
map would be a uniform grey, but instead we see gaudy primary colors. Why
is there a very strong correlation between geography and religious
philosophy, why should one have anything to do with the other? Because very
young children tend to believe what adults tell them, and if they are told
it often enough they can hold that belief for life even if what they are
told is utterly ridiculous.

If you show me 2 people and tell me the first one is from Ireland and the
second one is from Afghanistan and ask me to guess which one is a Christian
and which one is a Muslim I believe I could do so and my chances of being
correct would be considerably better than 50-50. Geography and religious
belief seem to be two very radically things, so if I'm wrong what is your
explanation as to why knowledge about the one gives us knowledge about the

 John K Clark
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