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>…A better example might be Elephant Seals, virtually all the females are in the alpha male's harem and no other male gets to breed. So if you're a young male what do you do? You could challenge the Alpha Male but you'd better be careful, if you dispose of the alpha male you gain a huge advantage in getting your genes into the next generation but because the stakes are so high Elephant Seal fights are particularly violent often ending in serious injury or death for the loser…


John K Clark



If you get a chance to view them at San Simeon or Ano Nuevo, take your time, stay out there and watch all day.


My observation is that the fights are seldom with the alpha.  The betas will fight each other, but it seems they aren’t usually fighting to the death.  It is more like teenager horseplay.


Last time I was out there I saw something fun.  The alpha’s harem stretches for about 100 meters or so.  Two betas would work together: one would go to one end, the cows start making noises, the huge alpha comes lumbering down there to chase him off, the beta’s buddy starts in at the other end, making the alpha come blobbing down there.  They keep him “running” back and forth until he is exhausted, then the betas have their way.  So a few of the betas’ genes get passed on that way.  Of course you know eventually those two betas will hafta fight it out, and that one really will be to the death or serious injury.


The motion elephant seals make to run is highly inefficient.  Here ya go, about 35 seconds into this video:




Ano Nuevo has a nice boardwalk where a prole can set up a lawn chair and watch these dudes.






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