[ExI] Rick Warren on religion

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Spike wrote:

> The motion elephant seals make to run is highly inefficient.

It doesn't have to be efficient. It just needs to be slightly faster than an
orca can beach itself and flop around on dry land. There is not much else a
12 foot long 4 ton creature needs to run away from that it wouldn't be be
better off swimming from.

Stuart LaForge

They can only mate on land and only fight on land, ja.

That scenario where two betas are running the alpha back and forth to
exhaustion on the beach works pretty well from what I saw.  That technique
would determine how the species evolves.  It wouldn't necessarily select the
faster runners (blobbers?) because the betas playing either end wouldn't
really need to be all that fast.  They would need to be fast at reaching
climax because they would only have about a half a minute to get er dun,
keep his concentration while the alpha is blobbing his way, inject the DNA,
get back to the safety of the water.


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