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Now I am a loyal American who loves his country. But. I want the truth out and no lies and coverups in educating children.

Government-run education promotes the government, not too surprisingly.


While I don’t doubt that, I wonder if it’s the biggest factor here. Are most people likely to not be loyal Americans or whatever simply because they weren’t taught so in school?...Dan



Clarification: public schools are funded at the state level.  


I live in a state (California) which seems to be thinking of itself as its own nation, free to make laws in contradiction to national law.  This notion is under scrutiny with respect to the biggies: the whole sanctuary state for immigration and the restrictive gun laws and so forth, but consider the legalization of marijuana.


California schools fail to explain properly what it means when state law is different from federal law.  State authorities can (and do) bust people for certain kinds of weapons allowed at the federal level.  But they fail to explain that feds can do likewise: they can bust illegal immigrants in California and they can bust people for grass. 


The reason I mention it in this forum is my having to explain to young people that if they choose to smoke grass, they can still get in all kinds of legal trouble if they take it anywhere where the federal agents are likely to be, such as the airport, the national parks, plenty of places.  Just because California isn’t going to go after them doesn’t mean the feds won’t, and California won’t pony up a legal defense if the feds decide to jump them.


California public schools fail spectacularly in explaining this danger, while taking up the time to grossly exaggerate the dangers of using plastic straws.



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