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>> The concept of “self” is created in relation to that which is not the self (the other).  No one is arguing that your physical body would dissolveand that you would ascend to an enlightened non-material self. 
> So what's your point? Without other people I cease to be a person? That's ludicrous. 
>> What we’re saying is that your concept of “self” that is, how you define yourself as a person distinct from others, breaks down if you are the only person. 
> No it doesn't, it just changes.  
>> Let’s take a for example here: how would you describe yourself? What type of person are you? How would that sense of self be impacted by no longer having other people?
> I'd be different, but I wouldn't cease to exist.
> -Dave 

You have entirely missed everything I said here. I am only going to respond to this little bit due to time. 

Please note the phrase ‘no one’. “No one is arguing that your physical body would dissolve”

Please look into the psychological effects of solitary confinement, where people become unable to tell the difference between self and environment, injuring themselves without knowing they are doing it. 

If who you are depends on others, then your “self” changes when you remove the people...

SR Ballard
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