[ExI] The Dunning-Kruger Effect.

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>…I don't think you're saying anything that hasn't been said many times already, sadly…  Just a matter of finding the most applicable happening…. Will




I might be able to offer some historical context with China’s Great Leap Forward.  It is helpful to listen to someone who lived through that firsthand.


If the primary goal is to even the disparity in wealth, the easiest way to accomplish that is for poor people to steal from rich people.  If the primary goal is to equalize the number of men and women who get engineering degrees, the easiest way is to gather they young men and encourage them to take up something besides engineering.  The easiest way to reduce the academic achievement gap is to hold back the best students.  (Right?)


US-ians are living in times where our two mainstream parties are loose coalitions of disparate and incompatible factions.  The winner will be whichever mainstream party is most effective in uniting its factions.  


Punchline: the most effective and easiest way to unite a coalition party is to divide a country.


Doesn’t that theory explain a lot?



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