[ExI] UFOs again or AAVs for the first time

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Jan 3 06:27:18 UTC 2018

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>> Without some kind of Hollywoody magic, spacecraft that size will not
cross interstellar gaps.

>...Are you aware of the Alcubierre drive, Spike? It's a solution to
Einstein's equations of GR that allows the use of negative energy to form a
bubble of flat space-time that a ship can safely sit in while the space
behind the bubble expands like dark energy and the space in front of the
bubble contracts like gravity...Stuart LaForge

Stuart my fond hope is that some outrageously cool technology will prove me
wrong wrong wrong on everything I think I understand about physics.  The
past couple years has been full of developments I never woulda predicted,
the LIGO stuff, the apparent re-emergence of neural nets, the Bitcoin
explosion, oh mercy.


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