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>…I hope it works but one thing that makes me nervous is the first stage has 27 small engines, that's 27 ways things can go wrong. The Apollo moon rocket had 5 large engines, the USSR tried to make something comparable with their N1-L3 rocket but the first stage had 30 small engines instead of 5 large ones and it blew up every time they 

​tried​ to launch it… John K Clark





Ja I saw that.  On the other hand… we don’t make those big Apollo engines anymore, but the Russians are still making those smaller engines.  Good chance Musk is buying a lot of their rocket parts and subsystems.  Yanks do control systems really well, but the commies do the big rocketry stuff better than we do, damn em.










27 first-stage engines


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Wooohooo, did you guys already discuss this while I was away?


https://www.space.com/39164-elon-musk-unveils-falcon-heavy-rocket-photos.html?utm_source=sdc-newsletter <https://www.space.com/39164-elon-musk-unveils-falcon-heavy-rocket-photos.html?utm_source=sdc-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20171221-sdc> &utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20171221-sdc


Good luck and evolution-speed Mr. Musk.



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