[ExI] Charlie Stross foresees a bleak future (mainly due to tech misuse) (BillK)

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tech misuse) (BillK)

>...Charles Stross was on this list back in the early days.  I will never
forget my surprise at finding an exchange on the list between Hans Moravec
and me had been turned into a plot element in Accelerando.
(That was a real honor!)  Unfortunately, the archives from those days seem
to be lost...Keith

If anyone can find those archives, that mine is rich ore indeed.

There was a subgroup we had somewhere in the 1999-2002 timeframe which might
be even more valuable: the one Hal Finney started to discuss what I think
contained the roots of Bitcoin.  He was learning all he could about ways to
secure digital currency.  Eugen Leitl was on that, I think Anders was there,
they let me tag along, Robert Bradbury, Wei Dei, the big thinkers of the
time.  If we can find those discussions, I think we can find where Bitcoin
was born.  I do think Hal Finney was probably the originator of the idea
which became block chain.  I think that Prime95 accidentally spawned the
notion of numbers as actual currency.  If this month's Scientific American
is right, Bitcoin might be the future of money.

What a time to be living, oh mercy.


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