[ExI] Google Brain 2017 year in review

Dylan Distasio interzone at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 22:50:42 UTC 2018

To offset what may appear my bashing of machine learning (which is not
intended) in the other thread, here's a very nice summary (in two parts) of
what Google Brain has been working on for the past year.

Definitely some interesting stuff in here:

The Google Brain team works to advance the state of the art in artificial
intelligence by research and systems engineering, as one part of the
overall Google AI effort. Last year we shared a summary of our work in
2016. Since then, we’ve continued to make progress on our long-term
research agenda of making machines intelligent, and have collaborated with
a number of teams across Google and Alphabet to use the results of our
research to improve people’s lives. This first of two posts will highlight
some of our work in 2017, including some of our basic research work, as
well as updates on open source software, datasets, and new hardware for
machine learning. In the second post we’ll dive into the research we do in
specific domains where machine learning can have a large impact, such as
healthcare, robotics, and some areas of basic science, as well as cover our
work on creativity, fairness and inclusion and tell you a bit more about
who we are.

Core Research
A significant focus of our team is pursuing research that advances our
understanding and improves our ability to solve new problems in the field
of machine learning. Below are several themes from our research last year.

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