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> ### Research indicates that Democratic voters are on average dumber than
> Republican voters, the difference is a couple IQ points if I remember
> correctly.

That myth started from something called "IAHYM News Network” and claimed
that Harvard University found that conservatives had significantly higher
IQ’s than liberals. However most didn’t read the entire article, if they
had they would have
 the entire thing was a satire. This is the very last paragraph

*"Oh yeah, and everything in that bullsh*t you just read is completely and
totally false. There has been no such conclusive study, and all of the
“Finds” are based on public paranoia. Chances are good that if you are a
conservative, you were empowered by this new find. If you, even for a
second, thought this find might be true, you are probably an idiot.” *


​is ​
however a real study
​ made in 2010​
, not on Republican versus Democrat
 on the IQ of liberal versus conservative
I can’t vouch for the quality of the study but for whatever its worth it

*"respondents who identify themselves as "very conservative" in their early
adulthood have a mean adolescent IQ of 94.82, whereas those who identify
themselves as "very liberal" have a mean adolescent IQ of 106.42.*
*​ ​*
*Respondents who identify themselves as "very religious" in their early
adulthood have a mean adolescent IQ of 97.14, whereas those who identify
themselves as "not at all religious" have a mean adolescent IQ of


I should mention that back in 2010
I was a Republican and had been a member of the party of Lincoln, for many
years, but that was before they proudly declared themselves to be the
stupid party
​ and tried to renege ​on the national debt and decided that what the
country really needed was a unstable ignoramus to lead it.

​ John K Clark​
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