[ExI] The Doomsday Clock

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John, and Extropian friends - 


I fear the entire horde of mad politicians and power-hungry dynasties: Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Bush.  These people are all destroying our world under the pretension of “serving” some imaginary greater good.  


I want to discuss alternatives and possible solutions.  I believe we live in a time where alternatives and solutions exist in abundance.  


Unfortunately, the dominant religion of the 20th century (Statism) is still going strong as it struggles (mightily!) to continuously censor public discussion about alternative solutions.  The powerful institutions that have dominated the world in the 19th and 20th centuries are falling apart.  


I no longer have time to waste on petty partisan politics and divisive political discourse.  I can only make plans to attempt to free myself from my current state of slavery, while trying to avoid being caged or killed by the legion of inhuman order-followers normally referred to as “heroes” in the media’s newspeak language.


Is my own language divisive?  I am only drawing a line against the people who would initiate physical harm to me.  I’m defending.  The Clintons, the Bushes, the Sauds, the Rockefellers, the Soros, and any other representative of some billionaire dynasty do not represent me.  They are my enemy, and they treat me as their *resource* (aka slave).  I apparently have an obligation to pay for these bankrupted thugs every time I buy a bottle of water.  My life is significantly impacted, every day, by what will happen to me if I decide to NOT CONTRIBUTE to this corrupt gang of thieves that call themselves government.  


The Mainstream Media outlets have convinced the American population that nothing can ever be done without government.  The mainstream media has crafted a careful narrative that has hundreds of millions (billions!?) of people convinced that their individual power resides in their ability to vote, petition, or march.  Your power comes from your ability to walk away.  Governments don’t protect your rights.  Your rights are what *you* claim to be your personal space *against governments* and other collectivists that want to break down your door to kill your dog and steal from you.  Freedom is the ability to ignore the state.


I will not pick between Clinton and Trump.  I do not choose between two evils.  I reject both the killer and the rapist.  They are both undesirables and neither represents me better than the other.


I chose to Walk Away (great novel by Cory Doctorow: http://craphound.com/category/walkaway).  It is a difficult choice.  It is the only choice I have given the aggressive, violent, and inhuman other options presented to me.  I dream of an Extropian future, but this will be a dystopian future if your owner has a back-door key to the blockchain that holds your identity backup.  


If you are truly afraid of the Doomsday clock; if you are truly outraged by Donald Trump; if you have researched the horrors and corruption perpetrated by the Clinton Foundation; then join me in exploring how we can walk away from the collapsing and bankrupt governments of the 20th century.  


The first step is to acknowledge that partisan politics are a silly, but very effective, distraction.  Politics is a game devised to divide and conquer us.  It is time we develop some technology against that.




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The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists just moved its Doomsday Clock to 2 minutes before midnight, that's the closest its been to nuclear annihilation since the first hydrogen bomb was tested in 1952 on Halloween. Oh well, at least we don't have to face the horrors of Hillary's Email server.




​ John K Clark​


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