[ExI] Thousands of scientists pledge not to help build killer AI robots

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Tue Jul 24 18:36:06 UTC 2018

John Clark wrote:

> ​But humans are not immune from Turing's Halting Problem anymore than
> computers are. General Curtis Lemay went on a Busy Beaver style killing
> spree in 1945, in the firebombing of of Tokyo he killed killed at least
> 125,000 people. It was probably the bloodiest 6 hours in human history
> and he used nothing but dumb bombs, there was not a smart one in the
> bunch.

Yes, there have been some bloody men through out history. This Lemay
fellow racked up quite a body count but it is dwarfed by the likes of
Stalin or Temujin, who slew 5% of the world's population in his time. Yet
they all stopped eventually. Killing for humans is usually a means to
achieving some other end whether it be food, skins, gold, or political

Moreover all the bloodiest men in history were themselves vulnerable to
harm and could have been stopped by those close to them with no more than
a simple dagger.

None of these considerations apply to the stainless steel death machines
that I am talking about.

>>  Hell killer AI robots would be an excellent​ candidate for the Great
>> Filter.
> I disagree. The puzzling thing is the apparent lack of intelligence in
> the universe except on this planet​,​ and robots have intelligence.  

When I say "killer AI", I am not speaking of a post-singularity machine
intelligence that decides to kill us to make room for a hyperspace bypass.
I am talking about very narrow expert-level AI programmed to kill people
here and how. Deep blue with a machine gun.

This kind of AI has no other goal but to kill. If it succeeds in killing
us all, it won't be out there building Dyson spheres and hailing other
stars. It will simply go into a power-saving sleep mode until someone else
to kill comes along.

Such narrow killer AI robots might be the Great Filter that has prevented
the singularity on many worlds.

Stuart LaForge

> ​>​I suggest we always keep a human conscience on the trigger.
> ​I don't see how that would help.
> John K Clark
>  ​ 
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