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>...Personally, I think that redirecting NASA to ACTUALLY EXPLORE SPACE and
GO TO MARS is far more of interest to this mailing list, which is still
theoretically Extropian.

Most of us here saw Rogue One and the CGI used to do Grand Moff Tarkin.  We
know that it isn't crazy difficult to make one of those.  Pixar offers a
free online class, a lot of the software needed to do it is free or nearly
so.  It wouldn't be difficult to make a video of the kinda grainy quality
that gets captured by those tiny wearable cameras, way easier than Tarkin's
scenes in Rogue One.

So imagine... in 2018, the day before the election... a video is released of
one of the candidates saying something that is the most damaging thing
imaginable, way worse than commenting about grabbing pussy and such, way
worse than that.  Write your own script if you wish, but imagine... if the
damaging video is against a candidate who was leading 8 points in the polls,
released the day before the election, trailing candidate wins by a narrow
margin, say quarter of a point.  Couple days later, they figure out it was a
Tarkin, but... there is no redo on an election.  The US Constitution doesn't
allow it.  Result stands.  People are coming out by the millions saying they
switched their vote based on the video.  It was clearly a stolen election,
but... the winning candidate didn't do it, and can't be held accountable.
He still wins.

Extrapolate forward: lots of people had a vested interest in the guy who was
swindled.  Foreign leaders watched all this as well, and some of them don't
want to negotiate with a leader they see as illegitimately elected by a
swindle.  The US could wind up in a culture war worse than the one we have
been in for the last several years.

Out of self-defense, the candidates will perhaps make up Tarkins and
demonstrate that Americans can no longer believe what their eyes see and
ears hear.  We witnessed a guy who has been dead 22 yrs deliver over a
minute of dialog in high resolution, so well done that if you didn't already
know Tarkin was the CGI, you couldn't tell.

Put this post somewhere where you can find it in 2.5 yrs.


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