[ExI] Things I have (sort of) changed my mind on (1): The supernatural

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OOPS Bill and Spike, you are right.
Here you go: I ignore every statement that contains a whine and the word
"Trump." That includes both whines about Trump and whines about whines about
Now does anyone have comments on my post, which (sorry) doesn't contain
whines and Trump?


Ja.  Clearly even though ExI is not about politics, it is hard to escape it.
Notice that every one of the recent threads, regardless of original subject
line, has somehow drifted onto USA leadership in some form.  Oy, how did we
get to here?

We know of civil wars in various historical contexts and societies, but I
don't recall a time when the US government was at war with itself, while
most of the population flatly refused to get involved as I am doing now.


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