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>…A strict Freudian analysis of him is anal expulsive


>…Rather perfect fit, don't you think?

>…bill w

 I hadn’t heard that about Freud.  Reference please?



​>….  Sorry for any ambiguity - I intended none…  And am surprised to find any.



Sure, but now that you mention it, how do we know… that Freud didn’t have the whole anal thing going?  Makes ya wonder, ja?  We need to investigate this.


You might want to probe deeper into this issue, but I feel this discussion went right into the crapper. (Sorry, I never let a chance to pin go to waste.;)








Well there is that, but… when you speak of something going into the crapper, keep in mind that you are taking an actual man’s name in vain, Thomas Crapper, who is generally credited with inventing the flush toilet:




I don’t consider this, in itself, sufficient evidence to conclude that Freud had an anal thing going on, but one can scarcely dismiss the fact that they were on the same hemisphere at the same time for much of their lives.  But come to think of it, the whole anal expulsive theory would explain a lot of what we have seen, ja?  Think about it:  Freud was always going on about things like anal stage, and oral stage and toilet training and so forth.  Well there ya go: a high-end high-quality toilet in the old days was called a Crapper, and Freud wrote about anal stage and such.  I wouldn’t be surprised if both of them had the anal expulsive syndrome thing going, and if so, it might have led Crapper to invent the… well, Crapper and Freud to write about it.


Just sayin.



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