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Sure, but now that you mention it, how do we know… that Freud didn’t have the whole anal thing going?  Makes ya wonder, ja?  We need to investigate this.  spike


Freud's troubles were mainly with his mother and with sex - perhaps linked.  He went to W. Fliess and had his nose operated on to fix this neurosis he thought he had.


Not much evidence of anal fixations.


bill w




Well OK right.  But I have always been suspicious of that Crapper feller.  He would have had to end up a mean bastard just by going around with that name.  Can you imagine what that was like, the kids in elementary school would have given him hell: “Hey Johnny!  You’re looking flushed!”  and “Hey Johnny,  how about you invent the crapper, so we can go to you.” and that kind of shit.










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