[ExI] Guns caused UK Industrial Revolution

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> >…The Roman Empire was involved in even more wars than the British were,
> so why didn't the industrial revolution happen then?  John K Clark
> It did.  The ancient Romans developed plenty of war stuff way advanced for
> its time, chariots, armor, iron works, all kindsa stuff, and it came out of
> the necessities of war.
Advanced technology is not the industrial revolution - the industrial
revolution was the harnessing of machine power to production.  Towards the
end of the Roman Empire they had a factory for making armour which used a
production line to manufacture, which is a lot of the way towards the
industrial revolution, but as far as I'm aware there's only a single
example of this (it used water flowing down a hill for power) and it's very
late in the Imperial Period (discounting the Eastern Empire).

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