[ExI] Science or Scientism?

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sun Nov 11 22:27:23 UTC 2018

Bill Wallace wrote:

> I obviously don't have the math or philosophy background to understand
> these things, but if reality shows me one thing and logic and math
> another, I'll go with reality.

But you are limited in your senses and can only directly sense a
relatively small slice of reality. You cannot see UV light but a honeybee
can. Reality looks very different to a honeybee than it does to you.

Furthermore, you are not only limited by senses but by your brain as well.

Your brain cannot process everything at once so it filters what you notice
to that which has been important to your survival. This is demonstrated by
such things as the Inattentional Blindness and other well documented

Through technology, you can extend the range your senses yes. Gathering
data by  doing experiments will certainly help as would careful
statistical analysis of the data and good data storage.

> Consciousness is a physical reality with
> which you can do experiments with testable hypotheses.

Ok, here is time-lapse video footage of your test subject Mr.
Psychologist. Watch its behavior and then get back to me on what you think
its IQ is and why:


Stuart LaForge

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