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By the way, what is it that conservatives are trying to conserve?   john

I think it's the greatest irony - what conservatives are trying to
conserve, if you believe that they want strict interpretations of the
Constitution, are the liberal principles stated there and in the Bill of
Rights.  bill w

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> wrote:
>   > A person is not free to say just anything, the old standard being
>> yelling FIRE in a movie theater.
> Some people seem to think a corollary to the right to say anything is the
> right to make everybody listen as would happen when somebody shouted
> anything in a quiet movie theater; but I think "fire" is the only thing you
> do have a right to shout in a movie theater, and then only if there is a
> fire.
> It's interesting to trace the history of that fire in the theater
> metaphor, it comes
>  from a decision written in 1919 by Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes and
> involved those who spoke out against the draft during the first world war.
> Holmes was on the Supreme Court for 30 years and near the end of his life
> said that was the single worst decision he ever made during his entire
> career as a judge.
> But the saying lives on.
>> > Unfortunately for us liberals, the ultra liberal crowd makes big
>> noises about offending.
> I agree, the conservatives have a fetish about the Second Amendment, I
> think the liberals should have a fetish for something far more important,
> the First Amendment.
> By the way, what is it that conservatives are trying to conserve? It's
> certainly not money as government debt has exploded over the last 2 years.
> It's certainly not the environment as they're dismantling pollution
> regulations as fast as they can. It's certainly not personal freedom as
> self styled conservatives want to change the libel laws so they can stop
> people from printing unflattering articles about the current presadent and
> think women should be punished if they have a abortion and nobody should
> have the right to smoke a cigarette unless its made of tobacco and nothing
> else.
> A conservative doesn't even want to conserve the traditional way of doing
> things. Our new Attorney General, the one with the looks but not the brains
> of Lex Luthor, thinks the judiciary is the inferior branch of government
> and thinks we should change something that goes all the way back to 1803,
> he thinks the Supreme Court made a error in Marbury v. Madison, that was
> the first time the court ruled that an act of congress was unconstitutional.
>  John K Clark
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