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>…Let's ignore the assault allegations …


>…The reactions he gave to those questions should give you all you need to sufficiently judge his character.




Ja to all.


There is irony upon irony here.  My suggestion would be that if a criminal allegation is being made, it must be proven in a criminal court.  Otherwise it cannot be admissible even in a job interview.


If an appropriate job interview question is raised, I am perfectly fine with it.


If the accusers had just gone with the high-school drunk argument to start with, then that mighta worked (at least better than this wild gambit did.)  But that accusation of a criminal offense needs to be proven in criminal court.  Otherwise we weaponize accusations.  


Note I don’t like this candidate either (for 4th amendment reasons.)  I can see that prosecutorial overreach has created a lot of sympathy for him.  


If weaponized accusation is used on an opponent this time and we go along with it and it works, where does that lead?


Cool fortunes are being made over on PredictIt, none of them mine.  Dammit.



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