[ExI] Are we getting too blase here on the list, about scientific and technological progress?

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 00:50:56 UTC 2018

> I am but one voice among many but since you asked, I hope future people will
> be EVERY possible way.

That's what we have now.  And it includes many different kinds of mental
retardation, hundreds of genetic diseases that prevent most of them from
being 'fit'.

> Homogeneity whether it be genetic, cultural, or economic is brittle in
> the long run and is ultimately a recipe for
> extinction. I want diversity and redundancy.

Who said they had to be all alike?  Different jobs,different genetics.  And
we are not going extinct now and won't unless we destroy our environment.

> As an alternative to eugenics, I would propose the concept of agoragenics. That
> is a fancy Greek way of saying the "genetics of the marketplace".  What
> genes and associated traits should someone have? The most useful and valuable
> that they can afford.

Ideally, all people should have access to genetic technologies.

> There is no more need to centrally plan the
> future evolution of humanity than there is to centrally plan the economy.

No planning = chaos; poor planning = the Chinese effort to curb population
by making one baby all you can have.  We know what happened with that plan.

Instead, we should allow maximal morphological and functional freedom
by whatever
> means possible and let supply, demand, and healthy competition sort out
> the winners from the losers. And if that means that humanity evolves into
> numerous different species, then so much the better.

Again, that's what we have now.  Where is the role for genetic manipulation
to increase fitness?

>  To try to stay as we are in a changing universe is certain
> doom.
> Stuart LaForge

Good.  So let's decide what environments we want and bring them about, and
design people to fit them.  Potential problem (among many) - someone gets
less than the full load of IQ genes and asks why.  So why not make everyone
as adaptable as possible?   But maybe if you want math geniuses you might
have to ignore some other factors, or even repress them because they would
interfere with the person'a math ability.

bill w

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