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>>… I have read books about water, salt, cod, Chinese trade - so, just about anything intelligent…  bill w



>…Bill.  W.


>…You read a book…  about… cod.





OK retract.  I just realized what happened.  


You were doing hard time at Club Fed.  They got together and Hey I think BillW was the one who ratted out Bugsy.  And Ooooh I’m gonna fix his wagon, and Wait, I am up for parole next month, and Eh, he’s been a good cellmate, keeps his paws to himself, and Well, maybe we aughta go easy on him, and Hey I know, let’s all go to the library, check out anything intelligent, you get the salt book, you get the water book, I will take out the Chinese Trade book, when he gets there, all that’s left is Vogue magazines and… the cod book.


Well OK BillK, we understand.  It was cod or Vogue.


Yes mine is a fun head to live in.









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