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Correct but incomplete - I picked up the Vogue too.  I have antilexiphobia - the fear of not reading. bill w



BillW, anything we can do to help keep you on the straight and narrow, we will do it.  We want to keep you a free man, sir.


When you go off reading about… cod… it reminds me of Gandhi.  You remember him, ja?  Skinny guy, loin cloth, ja, him.


In the old days, India was a mess, all this infighting.  Gandhi was a peaceful man, wanted India to stop fighting each other, to unite, to fight the British dogs, drive them out, achieve independence, and so forth, but the Indians kept fighting each other.  They all loved Gandhi however, both sides, because he was a good guy.  He kept exhorting them to stop fighting, but you know the story.


Gandhi was so desperate he took to hunger strikes.  Then to demonstrate how skinny he was becoming, he had to lose the business suit, so over time, the pounds melted away, the clothing came off and pretty soon… this skinny little almost-nekkid guy (who they hoped would live (because they loved him)) was exhorting them to peace, and the Indians were all: Oh dear, Gandhi is fasting again and has lost yet another article of clothing, let’s patch it between us, shall we?


And so it went, with skirmishes breaking out but finally India was united.  By this time Gandhi was skin and bones and one piece of cloth.  All this was accomplished with… fasting.


BillW, when you are reading books on… cod… we see it as the memetic equivalent of Gandhi’s hunger strike.  But we don’t want you to die of boredom.  Honestly, we will put away our silly political flame wars and behave.  Just read something meaty and please don’t lose that last piece of cloth.  We just wouldn’t be able to unsee that.



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