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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 17:47:40 UTC 2018

John Clark remarked a few chats ago that he was not so sure he was a
libertarian anymore (if I have misquoted you, John, please correct me).

Now I would never give my liberty to make my own decisions, and would
always ask for more of that.  Just let me know what my options are and let
me choose.

I do not want giant reductions in governments, local or national.  Local
gov. in Mississippi suffers from not doing enough - such as only on state
trooper per county,  How much help can that one do?  National gov. could be
cut fairly severely in several places, notably defense, but it's really not
going to change in my time and probably not my grandchildren's.  So I have
come to terms with it.  If I were 50 years younger I would not join some
radical group to greatly change government.

I thus think I will in the future simply describe myself as moderately
liberal, with strong feelings about personal autonomy, cutting unnecessary
services in government, and digging out corruption.

On politicalcompass.org, my test scores show libertarian liberal.  But I am
not really antiauthority.  I am against authority that makes personal
decisions for me, assuming I am simply one more simple-minded, faceless
person who needs taking care of.  Our courts, police, and other
authorities, I have little quarrel with.  They are needed and I will get
around them at times (I won't quit speeding until I quit driving and will
ignore some laws regarding what I can put in my body), but not in any way
which would endanger others.  (Rule of thumb for driving - stay ahead of
the cars behind you and behind the cars in front of you).

If others would like to give an opinion on the current status of their
libertarianism, I would welcome it.

There is a new Haidt book - co-authored.

bill w
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