[ExI] From Arms Race to Joint Venture

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Mon Oct 22 19:09:19 UTC 2018

On Sun, Oct 21, 2018 at 1:47 PM William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>

> Recent books by Damasio and Sapolsky show conclusively that without
> emotions, people just cannot make decisions that make much sense.

AlphaZero makes decisions when it plays GO or Chess or Shogi and those
decisions make sense, more sense than the decisions the humans make when
they play against it. So I guess AlphaZero has emotions.

> Are AIs somehow to be equipped with superhuman emotions?

They don't need to be super, regular old emotions will do. From a
operational viewpoint a emotion is just a predisposition to do X rather
than Y, and I see no reason that would be especially hard to program. For
example, pain could be a subroutine such that the closer the number in the
X register comes to the integer P the more computational resources will be
devoted to changing that number, and if it ever actually equals P then the
program should stop doing everything else and do nothing but try to change
that number to something far enough away from P until it's no longer an
urgent matter and the program can again do things that have nothing to do
with P.

> Historically,of course, emotional decisions were regarded as greatly
> flawed and to be avoided, and now we find out that we simply cannot avoid
> them.

I agree, there is no logical reason to prefer doing something rather than
nothing or to prefer life more than death, but I like something better than
nothing and life better than death anyway because that's the way my brain
is wired.

John K Clark
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