[ExI] Live Action Roleplaying (Larping)- Singularity

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 00:57:25 UTC 2018

Yes, this is a Singularity themed dating game larp!!!  What will they think
of next? Lol!  I can't wait to host this at the next science fiction
convention I attend...  :  )

*Most Innovative Game Nominee for Indie Groundbreaker Awards 2017.*

*"Singularity *is a transhuman dating show larp. You play the Host, the
Star, and three Contestants on a dating show game set in the transhuman
future. During each session of the game, you play through one episode of
the dating show.
"*Singularity* is *The Upgrade* meets *Undertale*: a performative game show
about the fragility of relationships made fascinating by its very queer,
posthuman contestants. Quick and easy to set up and play, this game will
nevertheless have your players in stitches, in tears, and in
contemplation." - Professor Evan Torner, Co-Editor of *Analog Game Studies*
"Singularity's contestants are diverse and cleverly written, built
from fresh metaphors that'll immediately remind you of people you know." -
Jackson Tegu, Designer of *Kaleidoscope* and*Monsterhearts: Second Skins*
"Caitlynn Belle, Josh Jordan and their talented collaborators are in top
form, raising the stakes on romance, competition, and what it means to be a
conscious being." - Emily Care Boss, Designer of *Breaking the Ice,
Shooting the Moon, *and other romance games"

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