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college football player


Amon Ra Saint Brown


bill w






There is a football team named the Cleveland Browns and there is another one called the New Orleans Saints.  So was this guy associated with either team?  Or both?  There are those curly mollusks known as ammonites and there was a tribe in the old days known as the Ammonites, offspring of Ben-Ammi.  Thor Heyerdahl went across the sea in a reed boat, an adventure he called the Ra Expedition, there is Ra the Egyptian god of the sun which is called upon collectively by the fans of the Browns and Saints every time their team scores a goal, and of course the element 88 radium, which led to the discovery of radiation, which ushered in the modern age.


So perhaps this college football player was the son of parents whose teams were from Cleveland and New Orleans, whose favorite things reed boats, ionizing radiation, Egyptian deities, and curly snail-thingies.


I see nothing odd about any of that.






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