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>>…I see nothing odd about any of that.



>…Oh Spike, you are so predictable

bill w


So I am told.  Regularly.  Not so politely as this sometimes.

But Mr. Amon Ra reminded me of some of my favorite things.  Julie Andrews had that whole raindrops on kittens and warm woolen mittens thing going, and she was certainly drop dead gorgeous while playing the aspiring nun (oh what a tragic waste of an excellent bod had not Captain von Trapp Plummer intervened) but wet kittens and warm mittens don’t do it for me at all (oh but Julie does (still!  (still crazy gorgeous at age 83!  Now THAT’s progress!))))

I am reminded of the Ra Expedition.



Thor Heyerdahl sailed in a reed boat from Morocco to Barbados.  I read all about this whole thing in the January 1971 National Geographic, and for you doubters, there is proof, PROOF!  that I really did read National Geographic for the ARTICLES!  Well, partially.  Particularly after about 1964 when they stopped with the racy stuff.  After that… articles.  Read em.  Liked em.  Still do.

And those curly snail thingies are tasty bits of sushi too.








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