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>…There are some perfect things in this world, and Julie Andrews in Sound of Music is one… bill w



Eh, I can think of a major flaw which made the whole story completely unbelievable.  When Maria gets to the house and she goes into the ballroom, waiting to meet the Captain and she is doing her little dance thing there, von Trapp catches her and makes some kind of rude comment about certain rooms being off limits etc.  No way.  No possible way, never happen.  Any real man would take one look at her and if he managed to not faint, it would be like Ralph Kramden: hammina hammina hammina…


As soon as he regained his composure, he would say: OK never mind the interview, you are sooooo hired.  Anyplace you want to go in this house, just move riiiight on in there, it’s yours, no worries babe.  


All this would take place before she sang the first note, on sheer beauty alone.  And Charmian Karr was another one in the same class as Julie, oooooh mercy what a beauty.




I do hope the singularity people manage to code something of this order magnitude of attractiveness in our sim world.  Wouldn’t that be a delight?





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