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And what about Huntingdon's chorea?  It is so strongly genetic that nothing can change what it does to the carriers later in life- at least with current medical knowledge.  Nearly pure Nature.



bill w



Huntington’s chorea: I just learned what that is.  Fortunately for me, it isn’t by having been diagnosed or anyone that I know having been diagnosed.


I was listening to a recording on CD of a most excellent book, The Gene, by Saddhartha Mukherjee.  He has a chapter on the discovery of the origins of Huntington’s.  Excellent book.  It took a long time for western medicine to figure out Huntington’s because it is exceedingly rare in this part of the world.  But in two isolated Venezuelan villages, Anita Harding discovered several thousand cases, which led to its verification as an inherited condition.


Mukherjee’s book goes into how Huntington’s chorea is wrapped around the Human Genome Project.


Great book, excellent writer.




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