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Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Mon Sep 3 22:24:17 UTC 2018

John Clark wrote:

>> That is especially true today. In 1978 the CEO of one of the top 350
>> US corporations made on average 30 times as much as the average
>> worker in their company, today its 271 times as much.

As long as that present day CEO manages 9 times as many people as the 1978
CEO did, then he is absolutely worth it. You are conflating the role with
the actor.

David Lubkin wrote:

> I don't care if certain employees make vastly more than others *if*
> their income is proportional to their achievements for the company. I
> resent CEOs like Thomas Vanderslice, who was brought in to rescue the
> flagging Apollo Computer, took it further down, and left with a golden
> parachute of allegedly $16 million.

How do you feel about CEOs that give themselves fat bonuses for crashing
the market and buying up the remains wholesale? In the run-up to the last
big market crash, Lehman Brothers was the fall-guy for a large network of
finance companies that dumped billions worth of mortgage-backed securities
on the market before the news got out they were toxic.

Stuart LaForge

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