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Hi Stuart,


>…Some people, (i.e. mormons at Brigham Young University for example) assume a soul has some weight.  …Brent


It does, if you can estimate the equivalent amount of information in that soul.  


I will leave it to you to figure out or setimate the information equivalent of a connectome, but once you get that answer, you can estimate the minimum energy required to maintain a bit, using the second law of thermodynamics.  Since an entropy level is associated with the number of possible random microstates, you use the old S = k(sub b) ln {omega} to get an energy level associated with maintaining that level of entropy (it is function of temperature.)  Then once you have an energy, you divide by the speed of light squared and you have the mass of that soul.


How much entropy is in your soul?  It ain’t zero and it ain’t infinite.


Conclusion: souls have mass.





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