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Fri Sep 21 00:59:45 UTC 2018


The other day I saw one of those news trucks with the satellite antenna
towers covering some trivial thing.  There was a reporter there with a big
microphone and those huge cameras the news people carry.


Then it occurred to me to ask: why the heck do they still need all this




We have cell phones which can transmit reasonably good video real time, no
mobile satellite tower needed.  No huge microphones needed: a simple
Bluetooth phone with a boom mike makes it perfectly easy to understand what
the reporter is saying with one of those.  Those huuuuuge cameras they carry
on their shoulders, why?


So now we have left over from the old days what musta been a jillion dollars
worth of equipment, none of it necessary anymore because we have video cell
phones.  Yet the old stuff is still in use at least occasionally.


So puzzling.



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