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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 21:24:58 UTC 2018

1968 - finished my course work and got a job teaching summer school.  Had
to have a master's degree before they would hire me in the fall.  I taught
for the first time ever, and was so nervous that I wrote out my lectures
word for word (2 hour classes 6 times a week) and finished the master's.
Whew.  Have not been that busy since (nor have written out lectures).

Am reading '1968' by Kurlansky to find out what I missed - student riots
all over the world, Republican convention in Chicago where the protesters
were beaten (along with everyone there, especially journalists with
cameras).  The police actually went to the 9th floor of a hotel, woke up
some protesters, and beat them!!

So anyway, fascinating book - highly recommended - worldwide coverage (you
won't believe what the Mexicans did to put down protest at the Summer
Olympics - the one where two black men - Americans - raised their fists in
black gloves in protest).

Here's the thought:  police all over the world attacked journalists and
smashed cameras in a effort to stop images of brutality.

Now technology has changed all of that:  can you imagine how many cell
phones would be held up taking videos if something like that happened now?

Along the same lines;  hackers have opened up government some with their
hacking, and put some sunlight into what the gov. is doing.

Loss of personal privacy does not bother me like it does many.  But loss of
government privacy is a great and wonderful thing.

bill w
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