[ExI] USA Robotics Week 6-14 April

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National Robotics Week, April 6-14 2019



>...One of our scouts competed in the big regional robotics contests at San
Jose State U last weekend.  Oh man that show is a hoot: they get these
student-built robots to... I look forward to it every year.  spike

This competition is always great fun, but I can see ways to make it better.
For instance... These robots are remote control, for perfectly
understandable reasons: students are on a limited budget and limited
schedule.  But we could imagine leagues in this sport beyond college, where
you have the more hardcore hobbyist, with bigger budgets, years to invest,
contacts to get corporate sponsorships and all that, and make them fully
autonomous.  We know companies are developing stuff like that, but wouldn't
it be cool to have amateur clubs competing against each other and maybe
scare the big dogs?  Or inspire the big dogs?


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