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>…My aunt spend WWII in Shanghai.  Shit everywhere.  People just step off the road, lift the clothing and let go…


Now you hafta go to San Francisco to do that.


>…Since Shanghai now has over 20 million people, there is a big job for someone with a shovel.  


bill w  



Ja, that’s different now.  It isn’t legal in California to clean up that particular hazardous waste without a hazmat team.  Hazardous Materials Regulation 49 CRF sections 110-184 explain shit in excruciating detail, the procedures needed to dispose of it and so forth.  These were all passed before it became the fashion to shit on the sidewalk in San Francisco, so a shovel is insufficient, so now, since shit can reasonably be expected to contain human-effecting pathogens, it is in the dreaded division 6.2 hazardous material.  A shovel won’t do: there is no way to verify the site is safe afterwards.


Needless to say, the HazMat people are having a heyday.


In order to clean up a pile legally, they need to bring out their crew, don their space suits and do their thing.  Removing one pile legally in California is said to cost $3k.


When the story broke about all the stoners using the sidewalk as their public toilet, the San Francisco Chronicle ran a story with one of the city guys assigned the unenviable task of hosing the streets and sidewalks.  He was washing human excreta into the storm drain.  You really really just can’t do that shit, not in California you can’t, and especially not in the holy city of San Francisco, perish the thought.  The cost of removing all that waste legally would break the city financially, and it is illegal to hose it into the storm drain, so… there it sits.


I don’t go in there much anymore.




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