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>…Arrest stoners on misdemeanor charges and find hazmat suits that fit them.  A sprinkle of slaked lime will kill anything after it's been shoveled up…


BillW if there is a simple solution, is it not astonishing no one has proposed it?  


There is little risk that San Francisco will reverse generations of tradition and try to make dope illegal again.  Even if they did, putting convicts to work is illegal unless they volunteer, which stoners are unlikely to do, since they would be having withdrawal symptoms while in the tank.  Even if so, San Francisco has not nearly the prison capacity for the magnitude of their problem.



>…Talk about too much regulation..............   bill w  


Regulation is far easier to pass than it is to revoke.  Recall it was the representative from San Francisco who famously quoted “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.”


All those hazmat regs were passed, now we are away from the fog of controversy and we find out what is in it.  They can’t remove the stoners, they can’t afford to clean up the mess legally, they can’t wash it down the storm drain.  So there it sits.  Countdown to a cholera epidemic…







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