[ExI] First Picture of a Black Hole!

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 13:20:56 UTC 2019

On Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 8:54 AM <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:

>  *I don’t see why so much of the material is approximately in one plane.*

Actually part of what you're seeing is light from the accretion disk from
behind the Black Hole that normally you couldn't see but because of the
intense gravity bending light around it you can. For example, the hole in
the doenut should be 1.5 times the Schwarzwild radius (because there are no
stable orbits between 1 and 1.5) but because of the distortion caused by
gravity bending light the hole in the doenut looks to us as if it has a
radius of 2.6 times the Schwarzwild radius.

John K Clark
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