[ExI] auto-braking

Spike Jones spike at rainier66.com
Tue Apr 16 03:51:22 UTC 2019



My neighbor bought one of those cars which is supposed to automatically hit
the brakes to prevent hitting the car in front, but he is afraid to test it.
I inquired about the wisdom of buying such a system if one does not test it
to see if it works.  He agreed he would like to know, but is unwilling to
risk his life or allow anyone else to risk theirs to test it.


It occurred to me this is our chance to make a buttload of money.  We could
get some big foam-rubber blocks, perhaps 50 x 30 x 30 cm, stack them to make
a "brick wall" which will not hurt the car or the driver if the computer
decides to drive through, or misjudges the distance or any other thing.


We could set up a hose, test the car, wet the pavement, repeat.


Anyone here have one of those cars?  Have you tested it?


We could let proles race towards that foam block wall, test their cars for
50 bucks.



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