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On Tue, 16 Apr 2019 at 13:54, Spike Jones <spike at rainier66.com <mailto:spike at rainier66.com> > wrote:


Anyone here have one of those cars?  Have you tested it?


We could let proles race towards that foam block wall, test their cars for 50 bucks.


>…Big empty cardboard boxes are probably easier to come by than foam blocks. 

My car puts on the brakes if you approach a wall too fast when parking.



Stathis Papaioannou




Good point.  We could use the lightweight boxes, which don’t cost much.


The foam blocks might hold up better, but if the systems work (one must assume they do) then the paper boxes might be a better way to go.  One might assume the manufacturer would not be selling these things if they don’t work.


I thought of something else.  If one has driven in the American desert, one has likely seen tumbleweeds blow across the road in one’s path.  If one is driving at night, encounters with the wretched flora is inevitable.  These can be huge, two or even three meters in diameter, but there is nothing to them.  They are kinda fun to hit at high speed: they explode in a most satisfying manner.


Now I am wondering: would those auto-braking systems see right thru a tumbleweed, or would it try to stop?



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