[ExI] blackholes at home

Spike Jones spike at rainier66.com
Fri Apr 19 17:50:33 UTC 2019



Is this cool or what?




I have always found it crazy amazing how quickly that last little bit of
rotational energy bleeds away when two black holes collide.  If you do the I
* R * omega^2 calculation before the merger and after, we know how to
calculate the distance between the two black holes before collision (because
we know their masses and their rotational frequency) and we know how far
they had to fall inward, even a Newtonian guy can calculate how much energy
that was that just went away and (SURPRISE) it agrees with what the LIGO
people tell us.


But it is a crazy big amount of energy.


I confess to having been a flaming unbeliever, but now I found religion on
LIGO: that was the most important scientific instrument since Hubble, and in
some ways it was more informative than Hubble.



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